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What My Clients Are Saying . . . Over 230 Great Reviews!

We were absolutely at a loss with our 5 month old lab, I was ready to re-home her 😢. Totally out of control, jumping, biting, clawing, chewing everything, peeing in the house no matter how many times we took her out and let her pee. I swear after 2 hours with Aaron and she is a different pup. I never would have believed it! We still have to continue with the work, but he gave us the tools. At least we can enjoy her at this point. Aaron, thank you, thank you , thank you!

Jerri Gallier July 4, 2023

Very knowledgeable. Very helpful. Very professional. He did a great job in training not only our dog (Peaches), but us as a family to better help our puppy integrate into our home and family. Highly recommended.

Mark Gibson June 19, 2023

Aaron was absolutely amazing! It is now a breeze to get our 80lb pup in the car and we learned how to correct leash pulling. He taught us how to work with our dogs and correct several behaviors. I would recommended to anyone.

Sara Richards June 17, 2023

Wow! What an awesome session we had with Aaron! He was excellent with our Penny girl! We learned so much in the 2 hour training session! Penny caught on very quickly! Yes we have homework, BUT Aaron has given us the confidence we needed to help our baby girl succeed! We’re thrilled that we can reach out to Aaron for life if we need help! Thank you Aaron!

Kim Kelley June 9, 2023

Aaron helped peace return to our home. My pup wanted to fight our older dog for food and toys. Aaron helped us show him a better way. I love that training doesn’t have to be brutal or mean. We just have to think smarter and understand better. That’s what Aaron teaches.

Pam Hudnall May 12, 2023

Aaron is awesome! He worked with my (very beginner) pup on leash training and after 10 minutes already a HUGE difference. He trained US too! He used effective and EASY to understand methods to make the next steps training at home more convenient for me and my pup. This guy is awesome, I 100% recommend checking him out.

Brandon Patterson April 25, 2023

        Kinsley Williams April 24, 2023

We loved having Aaron teach us some techniques at Happy Tails! Within minutes the dogs were reading his cues and settling down. His training is very calm with positive reinforcement, and he will teach you all that he knows. We highly recommend him for any and all training!

Katie Rutty April 7, 2023

I was wanting to work on structure with my daycare dogs. Aaron knocked it out if the park! He has such a passion and drive for helping dogs be the best they can and he proved that to us today! We were blown away with the way the dogs responded to him. He is very patient & kind and he treated my daycare dogs as if we would treat them with love & respect. We are so thankful you came to see us! 1,000% recommend!

Kristin Maxwell Bayard April 6, 2023

Such a great experience! We went from an unmanageable pup while on the leash to a calm pup and a nice walk down the road within the first hour of training. Our sweet pup gained so much in one session. Absolutely recommend SETX dog trainer!!

M Malley April 5, 2023

We needed help with our new 3-month-old puppy, Watson. He is a play biter who was drawing blood. Aaron came to our house and showed us what to do and not to do. It has been a pretty amazing transformation so far. Aaron knows his stuff and knows how to teach the dog’s humans.

- Kevin Morrell March 28, 2023

100% recommend SETXDogTrainer! My only regret is not calling sooner. The whole experience, from method of training, to him coming to the house, was completely upbeat and positive. I’d give more stars if google allowed it!

Jodi Gordy March 9, 2023

My Corgi became aggressive out of nowhere, or so it seemed. I tried everything I could think of but he kept attacking my other pup. I contacted Aaron and he came over promptly to assess the situation. Within minutes, he was able to give such resourceful information and ways to keep them at peace. We’ve been working on those tips and have become successful! They have not had a fight since the day Aaron left! It’s been 6 weeks and both pups are living in harmony! I am so thankful for Aaron and his knowledge. I’d definitely recommend him for any of your dog needs!

- Heather Dyson March 6, 2023

Aaron was very kind and patient with both my mom's dog and I . Within minutes we started noticing a change in both pets behavior. He is very knowledgeable of the dogs behavior and very hands on ! Thank you for your help.

Deandra Hart March 4, 2023

Aaron came to my home to train my daughter’s Cane Corso as well as my dog a Rottweiler. Within in 20 minutes we seen a very big difference in the way both dogs behaved with us. The 2 hours he spend over here was very much needed. I will continue working with him and wouldn’t hesitate recommending Aaron to anyone in need of help with their dogs. Thank you Aaron.

Edith Hart March 4, 2023

Aaron is simply amazing. He helped me understand a lot with my lil buddy Reese. In just his time with his visit. Reese would not walk on a collar and after he left he is now walking on a collar. Aaron is super subtle and sweet to your fur baby. Can’t say enough about him and how he handles your pup. If your debating. Don’t. Give him a call or email. Trust me. You won’t regret it. I’m glad I did. 😊😊😊😊😊

- Derek Rutherford March 2, 2023

I cannot express how impressed we were with Aaron. He taught our dogs and US so many things that will be so helpful. He was patient and his passion for dog training is amazing! Give him a try, you won’t regret it!

- Teri Mott February 22, 2023

Aaron is amazing! He helped us understand our pit mix (Ruby), and gave us tools to keep working with her.

He’s passionate, and his training is focused on positive behavior modifications. Non aggressive techniques are used to help your dog learn to look to you for guidance, and not fear. We LOVED working with him, and so did Ruby. 😊

- Candice Kotz February 13, 2023

Aaron came in & changed our little rambunctious toy poodle almost immediately! just in the two hours he was in our home, our Minnie Girl settled down into almost a completely well mannered puppy. we are completely confident in the homework he has provided us with. I’m so excited to see how well our puppy progresses! thank you Aaron!

Harlie Hinote February 11, 2023

Aaron was absolutely wonderful with my dogs! I have two bigger male dogs who did not get along. I also had a really bad incident with dogs previously and could not work with them. Aaron not only made leaps and bounds with my two dogs, he even made me feel better about things to where I can work with them as well! Aaron is so knowledgeable about dogs and so glad I could count on him! I will definitely use and rely on Aaron for all future needs and would recommend him 100%

Carlie Fults January 23, 2023

We absolutely love Aaron’s approach to training. He does not use any cruel or harsh training methods “no shock collars etc.” which we loved! He was absolutely amazing to work with he’s very friendly, professional and he literally had our Chuy eating right out of his hands! Chuy had a few bad behaviors & lots of fear carried over from the breeder and in 1 session he was able to break down some walls! What a break through! We definitely would recommend him to anyone with small or large behavioral issues . Thank you so much! He’s in our corner!

- Christine Reeves January 9, 2023

Aaron was very friendly, helpful, and professional during his visit. He provided training tips that we began to use when he left, and the results were very effective. It was apparent that his training methods were top tier based on how easily the puppies adjusted their behavior. His methods used were not aggressive, and did not cause any harm to the pets. If you happen to need training for your pet, I highly recommend SETX Dog Trainer.

Elaina Edmonson December 26, 2022

Aaron was so nice, professional and extremely knowledgeable. 10/10 highly recommend!!

Jade Luckey December 16, 2022

Was extremely pleased with Aaron and his expertise! He came in helped out all of our question areas of our pup and some! He even offered training on another dog in the home! Awesome guy, would definitely use him again!!

- Christopher Pampolina December 10, 2022

SETX Dog Trainer is amazing! Aaron is an exceptional dog trainer, very knowledgeable and takes his time guiding you with what needs to be done to help with your dog’s needs. All around great guy. I highly recommend him!

Alana Miller December 3, 2022

Aaron was an absolute pleasure to work with. Our dog has made leaps & bounds in just one day with Aaron! We were able to implement what we were taught in our session & we were so impressed with how fast everything worked. Aaron has been a God sent! If you’re thinking about getting your dog trained then look no further than SETX Dog Trainer Aaron! Thanks again, Aaron!

Morgan Ousley December 1, 2022

Love, love, love Aaron! He has an innate sense of how to connect with dogs and reach them wherever they are. Our Ellie couldn’t take her eyes off him. His training includes having YOU work with your dog, so you have the tools to get them to respond after He leaves. He genuinely loves what he does and the dogs sense that and pick up on his quiet, positive energy. There’s never any aggressive control - but lots of praise. If your baby needs training, he can provide it.

Jane McBride November 27, 2022

Aaron came to help us introduce two dogs that had an inclination to be slightly aggressive. He made it seamless and easy. The dogs responded so well to his training. I will absolutely use him again.

C Derrick November 22, 2022

I had ONE session with Aaron and my dogs are already so much more calm and well behaved! My Pitt mix was a bad jumper and pulled on the leash terribly. After our session, she wasn’t jumping and was walking on a leash like a PRO! Our almost seven year old, yes seven, was also hard to walk on a leash. Aaron helped coach me how to handle my 80 pound lab and he was doing amazing! Overall I am so happy and incredibly thankful for the things Aaron taught my dogs and myself! The way Aaron teaches is hands down so comforting. My dogs are my kids and I would 10/10 recommend him to anyone!

Kelsey Lemus October 27, 2022

I highly recommend SETX Dog Trainer!! Aaron came in to help us with our 5 year old, Duck. He is a very anxious dog, and I was very anxious about having him around a stranger. Aaron was wonderful with him and us!! He gave us so much knowledge and many great tools to help lessen our dog's fears and anxieties. We feel so much more hopeful about having him around our toddler. We're so thankful to have found Aaron.

- Meagan Smith October 24, 2022

This guy is awesome!! Changed our perspective and our lives! Dog whisperer for sure!!!

Melissa Corbell October 22, 2022

We had Aaron over to help our Great Pyrenees with some resource guarding. He did an amazing job teaching us and shared his knowledge. He was super nice and would highly recommend him!!

- Cameron Parten October 20, 2022

Had such a great training session with Aaron! His positive reinforcement approach along with simple correction techniques was exactly what was needed to get Becks, my 3 month old poodle, started on basic skills. It's so much fun watching her respond, and my 5 year old dog Lily joins in and is learning a few new things too. Thank you so much Aaron!

Vicky McLeod October 9, 2022

Aaron came over to our house and worked directly with us and our dog to teach us the fundamentals that we need in order to be successful in training our Chloe girl. He was very passionate, knowledgeable and wonderful to work with. Highly recommend!

Jamie Scott October 6, 2022

Incredible experience. Really cares for your pup and their situation! Makes the training process seamless and teaches you to really understand your dog allowing for not only success but ultimately a better dog/owner relationship!

Kyle McCorvy September 16, 2022

I’m OCD about research, I looked for weeks at different trainers in our area. I wanted someone that would help “me” train Lucy so that my boys and I could further our bond with our girl. I knew I had picked the right person for our family on our first phone call! Aaron had me text him a list of all of our “problem” areas and then came prepared on training day to help with each one! Lucy was a very fearful, reactive 5 month old pup this morning that I couldn’t control on a leash at all! And in just 1 session we have learned so much! Aaron was very knowledgeable and down to earth, you can definitely tell he cares about his work. The price was unbelievably fair for the knowledge we gained. I will be forever grateful for the tools he has given us and will recommend him to EVERYONE!

- Tracy Mooney September 4, 2022

ABSOLUTELY an amazing experience!! I cannot even express how much happiness & relief that I already feel, & Aaron has only been gone a few minutes. His fee is VERY reasonable, & he will be just a text or phone call away afterward.

Amy Prouse September 2, 2022

What an amazing experience!! Aaron was so kind and patient, he definitely is the person you want to establish the building blocks to an amazing journey with your fur babies. He is great at analyzing your living situation and what needs to be adjusted to meet your pets needs.

- Yesenia Bannister September 1, 2022

Aaron was great. He was patient and informative the entire time. On top of that he was just a nice guy.

Danny Banister August 31, 2022

Aaron was so good with our Mochi. We couldn't have people over because she got so scared and aggressive, especially with men. Within our session she was making so much progress but the real win was that he gave us the tools to work on things with her on our own. It was amazing the changes we saw. We had her used to my daughter's boyfriend after two times coming over and they are now besties! I never would have believed that was possible. He really knows dogs and he gives owners the information and tools to give their dogs what they need to feel safe and happy. I can't recommend him enough!

Liana Gervasi August 25, 2022

I have a Great Dane who is 10 months and an American Bully who is 9 months. They have been together since they were 10 weeks old and have had a couple of fights. I reached out to Aaron and got a response the same day and set up a time for him to come out. He really knows what he is doing. After visiting with my puppies he knew their personalities and what I needed to do to work with them. I like the fact that I will be able to call him with any concerns I have in the future. I would highly recommend him to anyone having issues with their dogs. Thank you very much Aaron!!

- Wendi Hillyer August 13, 2022

Asked advice from him about a problem my daughter was having with her rescue she got a couple months ago. Followed his advice and am getting great results with dog. So nice to direct us the right direction with this sweet dog before he became a problem.  The dog is leaps and bounds headed in the right direction. Can't say enough good about SETX Dog Trainer. Thank you again!

Jeanette Winfrey August 13, 2022

We called Aaron out of a last ditch effort to help our dog work through some fear aggression. After working with him, we feel that we are more educated and appropriately equipped to lead our dog through this tough time. We really enjoyed Aaron and would definitely use him again!

Joey White August 11, 2022

Aaron is very knowledgeable and has extensive experience with a wide range of behavioral issues. Highly recommend him for dog training of all kinds!

Julie Fisher August 10, 2022

Y’all don’t let this cute face fool you. Bandit is 14lbs of scaredy cat. I messaged Aaron after talking to a few friends who recommended him. We were at our wits end, Bandit is a 7 month old puppy who was filled with fear. He would bark at everything. Random person? Bark! Loud noise Bark! Breathing too hard? Bark! I knew if we didn't get ahold of this now he wouldn't have the best life we could offer. Aaron came down for

our session and from the moment he stepped in our house Bandit was not a happy. Aaron had plenty of skills and patience to work with him during this and teaching us owners at the same time. I now feel like we have the skills and knowledge to overcome this and if we don’t I know we can always reach out to Aaron. Although they weren't best friends when he left Bandit was eating out of his hands and that is a win for us. We know this is going to be a journey but with the tools Aaron showed us I know Bandit will have the best life going forward.

Couldn’t recommend him enough.

- Aaron Scott August 7, 2022

Aaron was amazing with our 5 month old golden retriever! Not only did he teach her things, but also taught us positive reinforcements and skills to continue training her for success. He made sure he addressed everything we wanted to work on until she got it down and she made so much progress in one session! We will recommend him to friends and family!!

- Elizabeth Roy July 31, 2022

Our dog was having fear and aggression issues and I was very worried he may never get better but Aaron was able to work with him and we saw improvement almost immediately! I was shocked when my normally anxious dog laid down and was comfortable around him after an hour of training, I highly recommend him for all dog parents!

Cristina Sifuentes  July 30, 2022

It was amazing to meet Aaron today. We have a very loveable, but hyperactive, occasionally aggressive dog and we are confident that he left us with the perfect techniques for training. I highly recommend SETX Dog Trainer.

- Darla Humphreys July 29, 2022

We have a 9 month old goldendoodle that is full of energy! We were having trouble with him pulling us around the neighborhood for walks, jumping on everyone, and chewing almost everything in his reach. After training with Aaron, I feel like we have a completely different dog. Aaron was amazing from the time he arrived. He worked with our dog but he also worked with us individually. We could not be happier with the training our family received! We would definitely recommend Aaron.

Paige Lawrence July 28, 2022

We had a GREAT experience with Aaron! His calm demeanor and style of training had our golden doodle doing things we were never able to have her do. I HIGHLY recommend SETX Dog Trainer!

- Matt Chandler July 26, 2022

Aaron was easy to work with & he definitely understands dogs, we as owners needed the training more than the puppy. Thanks for our training!

- Judy Thompson July 26, 2022

Oh my goodness…where do I start??!! Aaron was AMAZING with my beagle. He’s 9 months old and I’ve been at my wits end and completely overwhelmed. Aaron’s patience and correction is exactly what we needed. I so appreciate that he would show me what to do and then have me work with my dog. I learn best when I can do what is being taught. I also cannot express enough that Aaron’s patience with both my dog and me makes such a difference. I feel such relief and that I’m better prepared to be a better dog mom. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Aaron!!!!

- Angela Raithel July 24, 2022

Thank you Aaron Williams !!

You saved our family ! My 2 male rescues 🐾🐾recently started fighting in our home -I’ve been so stressed trying to handle these 2 dogs . I really thought I would need to re-home one of them. We had one for 2 years and one for 7 months - I didn’t even want to be alone in my home 

 with them- so afraid another fight would break out again! Aaron came into our home to train our dogs (really me) - which was so great - he could see them in their own environment. With one move had the dog that I thought was aggressive - reacting to the positive training . I totally wasn’t able to see - which dog was truly the aggressive dog - within minutes he made friends with my fur babies and showed me how to read their behavior and how to correct it… my heart is so full and happy - within 2 hours I was finally at piece again with both dogs and they weren’t fighting!!! They laid side by side - which I never thought would happen again. Explained to me how to identify the fear / anxiety and stress with my dogs and which one was the aggressor and why. Aaron explained to us how to proceed with the training when the dogs are inside and 


I highly recommend Aaron for training for aggressive and separation anxiety dogs - I feel like I’ve know him my whole life! You can definitely tell he loves dogs and is fabulous working with them - definitely has a GIFT with dogs! We have peace again in our home and my mal dogs

 respect their Mommy 💚. First time in several days I feel relaxed - Thank you Aaron !! PupPup / Stoney thank you too 💚🐾🐾

Bernadette Fleming July 18, 2022

Met with Aron today to work with Biting Betty and learned how to correct and redirect her fear and anxiety. We now have the tools we need to guide her on her learning journey. Working with Aron was great and I love that he’s available for questions even after our session. If you are considering a dog trainer you should definitely give Aron a call.

Carly Cox-Palombo July 8, 2022

Aaron was amazing with our untrained 6 month old rescue, Luna. He showed us effective tools and methods that we can do to help our girl effectively cope with her separation anxiety and many other issues she was struggling with. Within the first 5 min, he was blowing us away. He unlocked her learning potential that we hadn't been able to. We saw major results in our session with him. We're feeling much more confident now. We weren't sure this was even possible before Aaron came. So very thankful for Aaron and his positive way of training! HIGHLY RECOMMEND HIM! I wish we would've hired him weeks ago!

- Ashley Crews July 6, 2022

We adopted our dog, Cooper, and noticed that he was struggling with some crate anxiety/separation anxiety so we started doing some research and found Aaron. He was amazing off the bat with a really fast response to my email and got me set up a with a session that same week. During the actual session he was on time and had a great attitude. Very positive and excited to be there and worked great with our dog. Our initial concerns were addressed quickly and we were given great homework for Coopers anxiety. He didn’t stop there though and asked us to literally shout out anything else we wanted to work on and we did! Noticed great improvements in Coopers leash manners and reactivity on walks. He’s all about building an independent and confident dog and I loved that.

Johanna Wilson July 5, 2022

We loved our experience with SETX Dog Trainer. Aaron was very knowledgeable and helped our dog overcome his fear of the backyard. He races me out the door now. He also gave us several strategies that we can use to deal with several other issues we were having. We are very appreciative for his help.

- Melodie Allen June 30, 2022

We just met with Aaron and had a great session! Our goal is to set up our labradoodle for success and with his help it will be obtainable! Excited to have him in our corner for this journey.

Gailen Hood June 26, 2022

Aaron is great and knows what he's talking about. Very gentle with my pup and does not use any training methods that could induce harm to the dogs. Would heavily recommend to anyone!

Jacob Johnson June 17, 2022

We have 2 German Shepherd rescues that needed some training on being with my other animals. SETX Dog Trainer came to the rescue and taught my husband and I how to help our dogs cope with being around a new home and new animals. Also very loving to our animals. We learned so much in the 2 hours he was here. We are very glad and thankful for him.

Kimberly McCullough May 29, 2022

Aaron was amazing with my two rescue dogs within minutes of him arriving he had my lab calm enough he could come into the gate. I’ve been having aggression issues between my two girls and Aaron pin pointed the problem and got me to realize I had been blaming the wrong dog, that the whole time the younger female(pit/mix) has some anxiety and being scared of everything new was causing her buddy(the lab) to feed off that and become aggressive. We have a ways to go and lots of homework but we are on the right track to becoming a happy stress free family again!!!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND AARON AND HIS WIDE RANGE OF KNOWLEDGE WITH ALL BREEDS!!!! We would rate a million stars if we could , thanks so much Aaron!

Angelique Fowler May 24, 2022

We have not had a puppy in the house for 15 years, and have never had a puppy with a much energy as Piper, our new Border Collie. Aaron was great, teaching us so many techniques to make sure our little girl lives up to her potential. Time and money well spent.

Greg White May 22, 2022

I contacted Aaron after researching trainers in the area; I LOVED the fact that he comes to you! We adopted a rescue about two weeks ago and were having issues with separation anxiety, kenneling, and jumping. Within the first 15 min the pup was already showing improvement! Aaron is SUPER knowledgeable, funny, and down to earth. He not only does hands on training with the dog, but also teaches the owners the proper ways of training. 10/10 the BEST! 💯 🐶

Haleigh Choate May 20, 2022

My dog, Atari, is now almost 9 years old. For over half of these years she has had dog aggression. For the longest time trainers would not work with her because she’s a Pitbull. Then the answer changed to, “oh, she’s too old now to do anything about it.” When I called Aaron there was 

zero hesitation to take on this task even though there were new issues arising along side her dog aggression. Two hours may not sound like a 

lot to some people, but the two hours of training we had with Aaron, brought us hope! Atari is a good dog at heart, she just needs help with her

emotions and anxiety. Aaron gave us tons of tips on how to work with Atari and how to be better owners for her. He was patient with her (and  

my daughter 🤣) through the whole process. He was encouraging for not just her but me as an owner. I thankfully have hope and guidance  now thanks to Aaron. I highly recommend him for any issues you may be having with your dogs. Atari has issues with anxiety in cars, 

remaining calm when guests arrive, resource guarding, dog aggression, and irritability towards certain things. He went through every issue 

and was sure to ask, more than once, if there were any other issues I may have experienced with Atari before finalizing the training. If you are

looking for a trainer, look no further.

Amanda Tomow May 17, 2022

I have the pleasure in knowing Aaron and watching him today for the first time working with a client of his. He was amazing with both the dog and the owners. Thank u Aaron for everything u do and did today.

Stephanie Patterson May 16, 2022

Aaron was absolutely incredible with our Boston Terrier. He observed her and was able to identify most of her negative behavior was due to fear and anxiety. He taught us ways to correct that behavior and instill more confidence in her. He gave us tips to help exhaust some of her energy. He also helped us to create a plan to show her her kennel was not something to be afraid of and how we can make it more of a positive experience for her. He gave us pointers on getting her out into the world and give her the confidence to be more curious than afraid. He took his time and was extremely patient with our six year old son who had a ton of questions and wanted to learn more about dog training. The price was more than reasonable, especially with a promise of consulting via phone or video if any other problems arise with her for the duration of her life. 10/10 Would recommend and will continue to use for any other dogs we get in our future who might benefit from his brand of training. He not only looks at the behavior of the dog but also helps you to create a more balanced and happy dog.

- Cayla Sneed May 16, 2022

Aaron was pretty great with my dogs and gave me such awesome things to work on them with. Super upbeat and knowledgeable with my pups.

Romi Clark May 14, 2022

Thanks so much for working with my dog for his aggressive behavior and anxiety. With your help, he will be a much happier dog when he is around people. I really appreciate you!!

Carolyn Williams May 4, 2022

SETX Dog Trainer was awesome. I'm writing this drinking coffee in peace this morning and our dog is sitting next to me just chilling out and enjoying life. I was somewhat skeptical when he said he could do this in one visit. Within 10 minutes I was shocked how quick our dog progressed. He took his time and let us do the same things he did, and we even trained around our farm animals for real life scenarios. He was funny and made the time pass so quick. It was more like a friend showing up we've known forever. I can't say enough about Aaron he is the best hands down.

Jordan Guidry April 30, 2022

First time having at home training and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Aaron was absolutely fantastic and was even 30 minutes early. Great attitude and great knowledge of humane and comforting training tricks and tips for our dog. Within the first 15 minutes we had results and she was a total different dog. I absolutely recommend Aaron and his training to anyone in need. He was more than eager for our needs and our dogs needs and being patient with us as we learned as well as our dog. Well worth the money and well priced for the amount of change instantly seen in our dog. 5 out of 5 stars all day.

Brennan Hargrove April 19, 2022

Aaron is amazing! I have a Great Pyrenees/Boarder Collie mix 7 years of age which I inherited 2 years ago who has been a little stubborn lately. I’ve never had my own dog before, so he was able to come train and develop me working with my baby on following commands and behavioral management. My baby and I were quick to implement the techniques and have been carrying over the techniques learned daily!!

Alecia Vigil April 12, 2022

Aaron was great! My dog responded so well with him. He is patient and took the time to answer all of my questions. What he taught us and showed me is very simple to follow! He is very quick to respond even to my questions after our session! Well worth the time!!

Sara Hooks April 12, 2022

Aaron punctually arrived armed with all of the knowledge, experience, and expertise needed to get us and our two boys into shape! We were given the tools to correct bad habits and establish new routines. The doggies were immediately responsive, and with consistency I believe we'll overcome our old challenges in no time. Aaron was super informative and professional, as well as passionate. His great energy and encouragement kept us all motivated throughout the session! We recommend 10/10!

Nancy Daniels April 11, 2022

Our pitbull is such a rambunctious boy and from the start Aaron was able to get him to settle down and remain calm. He was very informative with his past experiences and his ways of "thinking like the dog". Petee has since been a calm and gentle giant to my daughter and myself. I couldn't of asked for a better skilled, fun and professional dog trainer. You will not regret hiring him to bring your fur baby to their full potential of greatness. Thank you Aaron!

Lauren Seaux  April 9, 2022

Aaron did an amazing job identifying the individual needs of all three of our pups. His positive and gentle approach to training was perfectly aligned with how we want to teach our dogs to be better listeners while also meeting their needs. We learned so much just in our first training session. Highly recommend!

Courtney Nagore April 8, 2022

Excellent experience for Us and our 9 m/o dachshund. 5 minutes after arriving Aaron had Abby responding to his cues and gentle corrections. After two hours of positive instructions and training, Aaron left us with what we need to have a well behaved and happy, balanced dog. Can’t wait to continue her training each day. Thanks so much Aaron!

- Bambi Chapman April 3, 2022

I couldn’t have been more pleased with my experience. Aaron makes it so much fun that it doesn’t even feel like we are in training. I saw improvement with his behavior in the first hour & I also learned we both have things to work on to achieve this journey. I’m looking forward to this new change with my fur weenie. Don’t waste your time on googling, call SETX Dog Trainer, worth every cent!

Cassie Robbins April 1, 2022

So glad we called SETX dog trainer! We were at our wits end with our Shepsky, in one session he responded immediately to the techniques Aaron was showing us! Very impressed! It's all about training the dog AND the owners! Definitely worth the money! I will be recommending him to my friends & family! Thank you again so much Aaron! Anxious to try all the techniques & see how he responds to us. I'll keep you posted!

Jan Madaffri March 30, 2022

My husband and I recently got married. Our goal was to have our senior animals live happily and comfortable together. I have a dog and a cat. My husband has a dog who is not used to living with a cat. We needed to lessen her anxiety with cats. We asked Aaron Williams to help us achieve this. I was amazed of how quickly his techniques worked. I am extremely encouraged we will be living our best life very soon with everyone included in the same home. Thank you Aaron for helping our family.

Sharon Benoit March 28, 2022

Aaron was great, showed me how to get the training I already started to the finish line. My dogs showed so much improvement just by the end of the session. He showed me how to enforce their boundaries with barely any effort. Never would I have thought I could stand in the middle of a flock on chickens with my dogs (who both previously would attack them) and have them barely react on day one of training. I definitely recommend SETX Dog Trainer.

A.B. March 25, 2022

We had our session with Aaron today. He is very good as a trainer. On multiple occasions he was able to let our dog feel comfortable with him being around even though he was a total stranger. We have never seen Ally react to other people in a similar manner before. He truly has a gift and skill with dogs. Highly recommend him!